About Australian Cuisine

Australian cuisine generally refers to the culinary culture of Australia's indigenous and colonial societies. However, following the multicultural immigration program that took place after World War Two, Australia's cuisine diversified under the influence of Mediterranean and East Asian migrants. The most popular Australian dishes in the traditional sense are explained below.

Fish and Seafood

Australia is home to one of the largest fishing zones in the world. The clean waters provide an abundant source of seafood for exportation and domestic consumption.

The popularity of British style fish and chips persists accross the nation. Seafood restaurants and takeaway shops line the streets along nearly every beach.

Barramundi, which is found in rivers in the north of Australia is a popular catch with sporting anglers and is commonly found in restaurants.


Perhaps the most iconic meal in Australian culture is the barbecue. With the favorable climate conditions accross the country most homes have a barbecue and public BBQ facilities can even be found near most popular beaches. Today traditional choices such as chops or sausages have been replaced with marinated steaks and fresh seafood served with gourmet salads and wine. Barbecues are also popular for Christmas lunch and dinner rather than the traditional turkey roast.

Take Away-Food

Australians are one of the world's biggest consumers of fast-food. There are a variety of Chinese, Indian, and other Asian restuarants in Australia's major cities offering take-away food. Fast food hamburgers, fried chicken, and kebabs are also widely available.

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